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Burger Order - Pou Nim Black Burger

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3 out of 5 stars (3.0 / 5)
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Burger Review

Looking through Thaiger's social media feed I was expecting a larger type establishment, but when I arrive and saw only 3 little tables out the front was somewhat annoyed that I couldn't sit and eat my burger at the location it was purchased.

I was however honestly surprised at how low the prices of the burgers were at Thaiger when I saw the full menu, all the burgers are under $10!

Ordered the softshell crab burger with the black bun because I fell for the gimmick burger, but I feel as though the execution produced something that was mid average. The black bun was quite dry, the chilli-like mayo was bland and the slaw was an add-on that didn't really give much to the final product.

I saw something written about this burger and couldn't have put it better myself. "Tasty enough to not complain about anything, but nothing WOW about it." Zomato User Sampson. This is a nice simple burger that fits the price tag and is good for an on the run feed.



16/309-325 Bourke St. CBD