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Burger Review

Hidden inside an apartment complex, This place wasn't the easiest to find. Google Maps takes you too far and I was walking around like a lost chook trying to find it. It is actually on skyline drive which is to the right about 50m from where the pin is dropped.

I ordered both the Double D and The Western Fried Chicken because I felt fat and made the trip all the way there, Maribyrnong isn't a suburb I visit often so thought if I was around I may as well try more than one burger.

The smashed patties with the burnt edges on the Double D reminded me of the Laurie Dee burger, it gave the outer bites a bit of a crunch while the inner bites were nice and soft. The patties were cooked to a medium and were seasoned perfectly.

The Gherkin Sauce was probably the highlight of this burger, it mixed well with the patties and gave it something different.

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The Western Fried Chicken is very simple. Basic ingredients, but holds a nice punch. The spices used on the chicken taste great and goes well with the cheese and mayo. The slaw didn't give this burger much which is why I ended up pulled this out and adding it to my Double D.

This burger is quite small compared to other fried chicken burgers in the market - it would have been nice having double the amount of fried chicken, it would have made this burger something special!

When one has two burgers, what else are they meant to do but put them together?

This wasn't the greatest idea by me, sometimes the chicken and beef combo go really well - but for some reason they didn't quite gel at St Burgs. Both the beef and chicken have their unique flavours and when put together it was more of a clash than a complement.

I would come back to St Burgs if I were in the area, now that I know where it is I wouldn't have to walk around for 15 minutes searching.



4/41-45 Edgewater Blvd, Maribyrnong