Soda Rock Diner

Order - Double Cheese Burger

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It baffles me how Soda Rock Diner in South Yarra has been open for so long. Soda Rock Diner opened its doors in 1994, shut when its building was demolished for 6 months and moved to the Jam Factory where it re-launched early 2016.

I really couldn't say much about the quality of this burger or any other burger from this place. I tasted 3 different kinds and they were all as bad as each other. Also ordered were potato gems (all 5 of them) and a milkshake. To be honest, the best part of this experience was the milkshake as the rest was a bit of disgrace :(

With so many burger shop around these days, it is a wonder as to how Soda Rock Diner can serve this type of quality food.

A burger place to skip if you are in South Yarra - best to go 100m up the road behind Jam Factory to Leonards House of Love, one of Melbourne's best.



11/500 Chapel St, South Yarra