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3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)
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Burger Review

Hidden in a small arcade near Ormond station is a funky café by the name of Mountain of Bears. ‘Hidden’ is the key word about this place and after reading a bunch of other reviews – nearly everyone single review has said the same thing. Mountain of Bears is a café for those in know, it is a place you could drive past every day and not even know it existed.

I am not sure if they normally serve a burger, but there was one on the specials board and when I see burger, I don’t look any further.

The patty was thick and juicy, the hummus was a nice touch and jalapeños are always a winner for me, but the poor choice of bun made this burger way too bread heavy and left a dry doughy after taste from the lack of sauce and flavour on the top bun.

After seeing bagels being sent to the majority of the other tables, a bagel would have been a better choice of bun for this special and another type of sauce to complement the hummus on the top layer.

Mountain of Bears is a very cool café and a great addition to Ormond. I will be back - more for the vibe, the coffee and the breakfast though.

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556 North Rd, Ormond