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Burger Order - Double Spicy Jorge

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Burger Review

Mick Adams Burgers in Oakleigh is fairly new, they have been open a little of 6 months, enough time to get their burgers right after a few very average reviews early on after launch.

I was wearing my bacon eating T-shirt so I only saw fit to include it in the picture, I also wanted to show that I am not overweight even though I eat the way I do. Also, in case there are any clothing companies out there reading this post that want to send me free clothes and sponsor posts, more shots like this can filter through my social feeds :P.

The menu itself from Mick Adams Burgers is really good, a big selection of Burgers, Chilli Fries, Truffle Fries, Pop Corn Chicken, Potato Cakes, Bacon (yes you can order just bacon in a cup), Fried Ice Cream and Milkshakes...but the execution was very, very disappointing.

This burger needed more flavour, more sauce and some sort of spice due to this being a 'spicy burger'. The patties tasted like that had not even been salted and were as bland as they come.

It is a shame, as the presentation was amazing could not be faulted and as you can see by the pictures it definitely looked the part.

Mick Adams Burgers range from $9 - $16 with no modifications.

The milkshake was half a glass and was literally milk and chocolate syrup shaken.

Fries were unseasoned while the 'chilli beef' that was melted in with the cheese was missing both the chilli and any sort of flavour from the beef.

Would I go to Mick Adams Burgers again? Very doubtful - so many good Greek restaurants in the area that this was a once off for me.