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Burger Order - Pulled Pork Burger

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Burger Review

Here is a place for all the meat lovers in Melbourne. Meatworks Co in South Melbourne is a specialty smoked, slow cooked meat paradise of goodness.

A small menu consisting of a smoked meat platter, smoked brisket in a baguette, slow braised beef and a single pulled pork burger, the choice was pretty clear on what I was going to order when coming to Meatworks Co - Pulled Pork Burger it was :P

When the burger came to the table I was intrigued - it only consisted of the pulled pork and cheese and nothing else. The slaw, pickles and sauce were all sides, this meant I could construct as much or as little salad as I pleased - I also had the option to use all of the sauce on offer.

The pulled pork was soft and flavoursome, the slaw added a crunch and the chipotle mayonnaise was a nice touch. I added some extra chilli sauce which was part of the meat platter that was also ordered to our table. Adding the extra chilli to this burger gave it the kick it needed to keep the juices flowing all the way to the end.

Glad I was told about this place and one to add to the list.



28/30 Ross St, South Melbourne