Cafe No.84

Burger Order - Beef Bulgogi Burger

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3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)
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Burger Review

I was invited to go for lunch with a few girl food bloggers The Baroness of Melbourne and Fran Vs Food to a place called Café No 84 in Albert Park.

There is just the one burger on the menu at this café and it was not your average burger. No patties, no melted cheese and no bacon.

This was a marinated pulled beef bulgogi with kimchi, cucumber, radish, nashi pear and home-made yuzu mayo. Yep, if you have been following my journey, this is not my usual style – but there was a burger on the menu, so my choice of lunch was already chosen.

Ordering this style of burger was a bit of change. It felt like it was a healthy option for once :P

The pulled bulgogi beef was mouth-watering and soft while the cucumber and greens gave it a bit of zest and from kept it from being too sweet.

I did enjoy this burger, but for me, give me American style any day :)

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84 Bridport St, Albert Park