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We have a new leader!

This is by far the worst burger I have ever tasted!

When the burger first came to the table I knew I was in for a disappointment. I could see a big fat dry beef patty, no sauce, no cheese, rashes of fat instead of rashes of bacon and a few ends of lettuce.

Took the first bite and this thing tasted as bad as it looked and even though I knew how bad it tasted, dumb I know, I thought I would give it another bite just to make sure :( YUK. This burger tasted so bad I could not take another bite in its current state.

Things I tried:add

  • Adding tomato sauce - FAIL
  • Taking out the patty - FAIL
  • Just eating the bun with chips - FAIL

This is the first time I have never not eaten my meal and it was a damn shame. Cafe Del Mar is the perfect cafe if you have children, they have an indoor and outdoor play area, it is large inside and also has a large courtyard.

Having zero idea in the kitchen has put Cafe Del Mar in Carnegie on the never again list. Cafe Del Mar do have a full menu for both breakfast and lunch, but if they are willing to serve a crap burger like this it shows they do not care for quality.

Do yourself a favour, DO NOT ORDER THIS BURGER!

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235 Koornang Rd, Carnegie