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Once Geelong’s best burger, Burger Inc seems to have lost their spark and X factor.

From 6pm on a weekend, the choice is very limited for a burger fix in Geelong and Burger Inc has stood up to the plate and provided an experience that everyone craves. When people crave a burger, it doesn't have to be amazing and the best thing ever, it just needs to be local, better than a fast food joint and satisfying. This is exactly what Burger Inc are providing, a reliable fix that you know you can get when you are in the area that is well priced.

Burgers range from $10 - $16 with extra patties costing $3, cheese not included which I found strange. I also found it strange that the triple stacker burger only came with 2 patties...

You can see by the pictures how dry the patties were. The key flavours in this burger were missing, tt lacked sauce and fat content in the beef, the patties were thin and over cooked which made them dry and a tad chewy.

Burger Inc has held the title of best burger in Geelong for a long time, I think this has been because no real competition have come to the area…welcome Launch Espresso and Burger Boss, both owned by the same people, they are your go to places if in the Geelong area.

The chocolate milkshake ($6.50) was also bland. It needed both more chocolate and more ice cream to make it sweeter and thicker.



Shop 1, 328 Pakington St, Geelong