Brown Cow Cafe

Burger Order - Soft Shell Crab Burger

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Located on the busy street of Hampton Road in Hampton, Brown Cow is a buzzing café that is very trendy amongst locals. Brown Cow has an extensive menu including breakfast which is available until 2pm every day, burgers, pizza, pasta and more.

With 3 burgers on the menu I asked the waitress what was the best choice and if they were to boast one of their burgers to the public, which would it be – her answer was the soft shell crab so that is what I ordered (also available is a wagyu beef and a pulled pork burger).

When the burger arrived at the table it definitely looked the part, the crab was HUGE and took over nearly half the plate, the waffle cut potatoes looked great and I was excited to take my first bite into this monstrosity.

Then disappointment hit, the flavour was very bland and I feel as though more work was put into the presentation that the actual taste. The crab meat itself was quite bland and flavourless, the slaw gave it nothing and there was an overload of coriander. I did squeeze the provided lime over the top but it didn’t do much in terms of enhancing the flavour like it has with other soft shell crab burgers.

Not the worst soft shell crab burger I have had during this journey, but definitely not one I would be heading back for anytime soon :(



382 Hampton St, Hampton