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Order - Double Beef n Bacon Buster

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I came across Bamboo Bean Burgers by accident in late July 2016. The plan was to go somewhere else but that place ended up being closed and this cafe was on the way home.

When I asked for the burger, the staff asked if I meant the breakfast burger - obviously it hasn't been a common occurrence for customers to ask for a beef burger at 1pm, only then did I find out they had a dedicated burger and milkshake menu that was only available some nights of the week.

I convinced the team to make me a burger (without having to name drop) but couldn't convince them to make me a shake.

While waiting for this burger to arrive, I search far and wide to get an idea of what to expect and couldn't find any photos of these burgers online. When it arrived at the table, it genuinely surprised me this place had been open for over 9 months, they produced a burger like this and not one person had promoted it or reviewed it online...

I hope those who read this post give this place a visit. This burger that I tried worked really well together, from the home made ketchup to the quality beef, quality bacon and quality buns - Bamboo Bean have a serious burger that needs a bit of love and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of crazy shakes they have, so if you have one, tag me in your instagram posts!

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301 Waverley Rd, Malvern East