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1 Plus Piece Cafe in Balwyn is themed after the Japanese manga series One Piece... I don't know what that is either but noticing the pirate flags and animations all around the cafe I had to Google what it was all about :P

I came to One Plus Piece to meet fellow blogger @theworldlovesmelbourne and was a bit of a tasting frenzy between the two of us.

We started with their most popular burger 'The One Piece' - This was a very interesting burger. The patties tasted like bolognese mince, they were spiced up and mighty juicy, the spice gave this burger one hell of a kick (a little too hot for me), the cheese melt was on point and the mushrooms were a nice touch which went well with the overall flavour.

I made this burger a triple because I wasn't sure how big the patties were, you don't need to add another patty, two is plenty - if they hold the spice a little, this would be the burger of choice for me.

Although a small burger, the chicken and chipotle mayo were a great combination. The chicken had a great crunch to it and the was nice and juicy on the inside. My tip to One Plus Piece, melt the cheese, cheese is always better melted :)

Another good burger from the One Plus Piece selection. A solid burger with juicy patties, perfect cheese melt and good all round flavours.

Again good flavours, one that I would order again on my next visit. I like a bit more ice cream, so hopefully they make their shakes a bit thicker moving forward.



266 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn