I’m not one of those guys who goes to the same burger joint every weekend and order the same burger in the same seat at the same time. I’m not that obsessed with burgers, however I am always thinking about burgers, talking about burgers and I eat burgers on multiple occasions every week… maybe I am obsessed…

The obsession really only started in late June 2014 when I decided to create my first blog, I purchased www.BurgersofMelbourne.com.au, and then quickly got the [email protected] on both Facebook and Instagram. I immediately turned into a burger connoisseur, I started speaking to chefs about their burgers and giving pointers to what I did and didn’t like about what they had on offer.

In only a matter of weeks I started gaining a loyal following. People started liking my pictures, commenting on my reviews and actually started telling their friends that my account was one to follow. I have even made a few good friends along the way which I now regularly go for burgers with.

Living in the south-eastern suburb of Moorabbin I do have some good options close by, Fat Bobs and Burger Boss both being less than a 5 minute drive from my place and a 15 minute trip on the highway and I am down at either Dandenong Pavilion or Ziggy’s Eatery.

Having the website and handles with Melbourne in the name, I do seem to be travelling all around Melbourne just to try a burger if it has been recommended and has been given a must try by its customers.

My plan of hitting the already top rated burgers of Melbourne first and then trying to sort out the good from the bad from the rest soon quickly took a turn. In the first 6 months, and over 50 burgers later, I still had only tried 5 out of 10 of the top burgers rated by all the big websites. I have had a some amazing burgers and some very average burgers during this time period.

The burger list seems to be growing on a daily basis and I have now eaten at well over 100 burger joints and picking a top spot is hard! My list may not be perfect, but I am eating 3-4 burgers per week which is a lot more than any of people who have published lists in the past – hopefully one of the big publishes will notice this and allow me to publish my list to the public on their publication.

Burgers are now a huge part of my life, friends and family constantly talk burgers around me and want advice of where to go to get an amazing feed.

I am getting through Melbourne one burger at a time and having a ball doing it.

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